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DIY Easy Skull and Crystal Earrings Tutorial from Thanks, I Made It here. Erin always writes easy to understand tutorials with links to the supplies. If you can glue things together, you can make these earrings. Top Photo: $136 Iosselliani Fused Stone Skull Studs here, Bottom Photo: DIY by Thanks, I Made It.

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1. Measure out your paint and grout. The unsanded grout is a fine powder so be sure to work in a well ventilated area.

2. Stir the grout into the paint until no lumps remain.

3. Paint your surface with your new custom chalkboard paint! The paint will begin to harden once it is mixed, so only mix what you need at one time as it won’t store as well as other paints.

4. Once your chalkboard has fully dried be sure to slate the surface before using it for the first time. To slate a chalkboard lightly rub chalk along the surface and then lightly rub it off.

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DIY String Map Art with a Heart in the Middle. I’ve seen these selling on Etsy and elsewhere. Really good tutorial from The Harpster Home here. *Read comments for more suggestions and tips for making this. More String Art Tutorials: 

  • Really colorful one spelling out “Rave On” here.
  • Heart of String here.
  • LOVE String Art in Cursive here.


DIY Zig Zag Nail Art. Emi, of Small Good Things, did these nails the same way she did her triangle nails I posted here. These aren’t masked off nails that are then painted. Her tutorial has a really clever way of making the zigzags and triangles at Small Good Things here. *She has a total of 42 nail art entries on her blog.


DIY Button Bracelet. Another super easy button bracelet. Tutorial from quelinda crafts here. *She got her buttons from which can either be a great crafts’ experience or frustrating one (because they usually sell out QUICKLY). Pick Your Plus posts one amazing deal every morning at 9am EST and have a certain amount they sell. Shipping is the same for 1 order or however many they let you buy of that item (I’ve seen up to 10-12?).